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Understanding Strata Subdivision: A Guide from Subdivision Certifiers Pty Ltd

Are you a property owner or developer considering strata subdividing a building? A Strata subdivision via Complying Development might be the answer. 

At Subdivision Certifiers, we recognise the significance of strata subdivisions. In this guide, we aim to demystify the complexities of this process and highlight the potential benefits for you. 

What is Strata Subdivision? 

Strata subdivision is a dynamic process that involves the division of a single property or building into multiple, individually titled units or cubic spaces. The resulting units can be independently owned and sold, providing a flexible and strategic approach to property management. This practice is very commonly employed in various settings, including apartments, townhouses, and even certain commercial and industrial developments. This division not only facilitates the individual sale of units but also allows for the customisation of ownership structures, making it an ideal solution for diverse real estate scenarios. 

The Benefits of Strata Subdivision 

Increased Property Value 

One of the most immediate benefits of strata subdivision is the potential for a significant increase in the property’s overall value. By subdividing a large piece of land or a building into smaller, separately titled units, owners can often achieve a higher total sale price than they would from selling the property as a single unit. This is because the individual units can be sold to different buyers, each of whom is willing to pay a premium for the opportunity to own a piece of the property outright. 

Development Flexibility

Strata subdivision offers unparalleled development flexibility, allowing property developers to maximise the use of their land by building a variety of housing types within the same property. This could range from townhouses and apartments to duplexes and standalone homes, depending on zoning laws and market demand.  

This flexibility makes it easier to cater to a diverse market, appealing to a wider range of buyers or tenants with varying needs and budgets. By offering different types of housing, developers can attract a broader audience, enhancing the property’s marketability and potential profitability. 

Individual Ownership

Strata subdivision provides a clear path to individual ownership, where each unit owner holds a title to a specific portion of the property. This arrangement offers numerous advantages to owners, including the freedom to sell, rent out, or personally occupy their units according to their preferences and circumstances. It also allows owners to benefit from the appreciation of their units over time, offering a path to building personal wealth. Furthermore, individual ownership encourages a sense of community among residents, as each has a personal stake in the maintenance and overall well-being of the property.

The Strata Subdivision Process with Subdivision Certifiers  

Understanding the process is key to a smooth experience. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the general steps.  

Initial Assessment

The first step towards a successful strata subdivision involves a comprehensive evaluation of your property. Our experts at Subdivision Certifiers excel in assessing the viability of your land for subdivision. This initial phase encompasses a thorough examination to ascertain whether your project aligns with the Development Application (DA) process or if it qualifies as a Complying Development, thereby streamlining the path forward. Our guidance extends to navigating the web of regulatory compliance, ensuring your project adheres to all necessary legal and environmental standards. 

Strata Plan Creation

Following a positive assessment, the creation of a strata plan is important. This stage is handled by a qualified registered surveyor who will draft a detailed plan defining the units and the shared common areas of the property. This plan meticulously outlines each unit alongside the communal spaces, ensuring clarity and precision in defining the boundaries and entitlements associated with each segment of the property. 


The journey through the approval maze is made simpler with Subdivision Certifiers by your side. Our role extends beyond a consultation. We actively assist in securing all requisite approvals for your strata subdivision.  

Whether it involves engaging with local councils, navigating through planning permissions, or achieving the final strata clearance, our team is equipped to either facilitate these approvals directly or certify the subdivision as a Complying Development ourselves (when applicable). This ensures that we can tailor our support to best suit the needs of your project, culminating in the issuance of a strata certificate. 

Registration & Title Creation

The finalisation of the strata subdivision process is marked by the registration of the strata plan and the creation of individual titles for each unit. This process will be completed by your registered surveyor. This final step signifies the official recognition of the subdivision, allowing for the sale, lease, or occupancy of the units as independent entities.   

Choosing Subdivision Certifiers as your partner in the strata subdivision process guarantees expertise, support, and a personalised approach every step of the way. Our proven track record and comprehensive services are designed to transform your vision into reality, offering peace of mind and a clear path to success.  

Why Choose Subdivision Certifiers? 

At Subdivision Certifiers, we help you navigate the intricacies of property subdivision through our expertise, efficiency, and dedicated support. Our mission is to transform what can often appear as a daunting journey into a streamlined and rewarding experience. Subdivision can be a complex process. Our team has the expertise to simplify the process by offering: 

Regulatory Expertise

We pride ourselves on our commitment to staying abreast of the latest legal and regulatory changes. This approach not only ensures that your subdivision project aligns with current standards but also streamlines the approval process. By anticipating potential hurdles and strategising accordingly, we safeguard your project against delays and compliance issues. 

End-to-End Support

We are here to guide you through every step, from initial assessment to final registration. 

We are committed to providing unwavering support to our clients from beginning to end. Whether it’s conducting an initial property assessment, navigating the planning and approval process, or assisting the final stages of registration, our team stands by you.  


A critical component of completing a subdivision project is obtaining the necessary certifications, namely the Complying Development Certificate (Strata Subdivision) and the Strata Certificate. These documents are vital for enabling registration with the land titles office and marking the official recognition of your newly subdivided property.    

We specialise in facilitating the acquisition of these certifications. Our expertise not only accelerates the certification process but also ensures that all documentation is prepared and submitted, expediting the final registration and titling phase.  

Unlock the Potential of Your Property

Transforming your property into a lucrative investment or realising its full potential is just a step away with Subdivision Certifiers. Our expert team of professionals are dedicated to guiding you through the entire process of strata subdivision, opening a world of possibilities for your real estate.  

If you’re ready to explore the possibilities of strata subdivision, contact Subdivision Certifiers today. 

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