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Benefits of Low Rise Housing Diversity Code (LRHDC) for Developers

There is a lack of diversity of housing catering to Sydney’s growing, ageing and diverse population, with a need for user-centred and people-driven responses to housing affordability issues, including housing type and financing structures.”

– Resilient Sydney Context Report 2016

In other words, the lack of medium-density housing means that NSW isn’t serving the needs of its population. The development stats cited above don’t accurately represent the level of demand for this type of housing. And with the advent of the new Code, developers now face fewer hurdles in construction. The fast-track process makes building medium-density easier for them. This ultimately results in higher profits, which make these types of developments more attractive. The purpose of the Code is to enable developers to create a more diverse selection of properties in NSW. It essentially creates a fast-track development application system for the following property types:

  • Dual Occupancies
  • Terraces
  • Manor Houses

The intention is to make it easier for developers to build multi-occupancy properties. These properties will serve the needs of the state of NSW, which undergoes continued population increases each year.
A typical Australian development application (DA) can take up to four months to receive approval. This varies depending on the state and the type of property that you’re developing. However, the point is that getting a DA over the line is often a long and arduous process. But with the Code, you can receive approval in as little as 20 days if your application complies with all of its regulations. Of particular importance is the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008. Failure to adhere to this policy will lead to the refusal of a complying development application.

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